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- Maintenance & Protection of Traffic
- Check for Iron with metal detector, water truck available.
- 7' Cut, up to 12" deep or return to proper grade & slope.
- Hauling to your stock pile, Discounts if we haul away.
- Fine Grading & Rolling - adjust manholes, water boxes, etc.
- Clean sweep with power broom and/or vacuum sweepers.
- Distributor applies Tack Coat, NYS approved Paver & Rollers

Asphalt Paving and Repairs- We specialize in Commercial Lots, Residential Driveways, NYSDOT Projects, PENDOT Projects, Parking Lot Repairs, Road Repairs, and Major Highways.

Saw Cutting- We saw concrete highways, roads, and sidewalks, for repair and to prevent further damage from the constant wear and tear. Properly sealing asphalt cracks can more than double the effective life of your pavement. (

Clean & Seal Joints- High pressure air pressure is used to clean out the joint or crack from foreign material in the blacktop. After this is done, 2” heated tar (over band) is used to seal the joint to prevent further cracking and damage.

Crack sealing/Joint Sealing- We specialize in Concrete Driveways, Sidewalk Joint Repairs, Parking lot crack sealing, along with Highway/Road Joint and Crack Sealing, and Pavement Sawing in all counties in New York State. We also have done work for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or PENDOT. Along with this job we have been doing clean & seal, route, clean & seal and saw & seal for many years across New York and Pennsylvania. In 2007, BOTHAR was awarded D260391 a $987,771.00 job in region 8 that consisted of routing and sealing joints and cracks in asphalt pavement. This job was one of our biggest crack sealing/joint repair projects. This covered work in Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster & Westchester counties.

Bridge Joint Repair - We seal bridges with concrete decks. The bridge is sealed with rubberized glue and covered with a silica stone to extend its life and to ensure safety of the traveling public.

Milling- BOTHAR Construction specializes in highway, parking lots, streets, driveways, NYSDOT, PENDOT projects, and OGS jobs. We have the capability to run multiple milling machines at the same time to ease production on bigger jobs. We also sell millings to customers. If you would like more information on this, you may contact our office for further information.
-2' or 3' Milling machine with conveyor
-Great for Shoulders, Bridge Decks, Potholes & Small Areas

Drainage- We are able to work on storm sewers, under drains, and set in precast structures. Pheasant Lane in the town of Union New York was one of the jobs we did in 2010. We set concrete structures that were 40,000 lbs in the ground along with putting 60 inch pipe in for a storm water drainage system. We stabilized the bank to make sure that the road would not wash out. We use excavators, dozers and compactors when doing this type of work. A GPS guide was used in surveying the land for our Pheasant Lane job to ensure proper placement of structures.

Grading- Graders and dozers are used to level out base materials to prepare for new blacktop or concrete.

Excavation- Excavators, dozers, backhoes, and skid steers are used to remove the base that may be under old concrete or pavement to put down fresh material for new blacktop or concrete.

Material Trucking- BOTHAR has the capability to haul and truck materials to and from work sites not only for ourselves, but other companies as well.

BOTHAR Construction LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

BOTHAR Construction LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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